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    Immigration New Zealand offers many types of visas that will allow you to work in New Zealand. However, before you apply, it is important to ascertain which visa is right for you. Each visa has different criteria and different application processes. Generally, they are divided into two categories, which are, temporary and permanent.

    With more than 25 years of corporate life experience, we assess your immigration situation, establish eligibility, gather information, identify barriers, evaluate options, give advice and then represent you throughout the immigration application process in a professional, ethical and responsible manner to ensure the best possible outcome.

    Accredited Employer Work Visa

    If you have skills or expertise and have been offered full-time work by an accredited employer, then you may be eligible for this visa.

    Partnership Work Visa

    This visa will allow you to work in New Zealand while your partner's here on a work visa. We help you with all the application and submissions. Contact us to get this started.

    Post Study Work Visa

    If you have acceptable qualification(s) that you completed in New Zealand, you can apply for a visa to work here. Contact us to get this started or book us for a consultation.

    Religious Worker

    This visa is a great pathway to residence for people who are experienced or trained in religious work. To be granted work visa, you’ll need to have a religious work offer.

    Specific Purpose

    This visa is for people who need to come to New Zealand for a specific purpose or event. To apply you’ll need to have skills related to your specific purpose or event.

    Critical Worker

    Apply for this visa if you have a critical purpose for coming to New Zealand and we have invited you to apply for a visa. With this visa you can travel to New Zealand even though the border is currently closed.

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