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    A visitor visa allows entry to New Zealand for a limited period of time, without the right to study, work, or reside in New Zealand. You can come to New Zealand as a visitor. During your stay, you will need enough money to support yourself and everyone included in your application. While you are here, you can enjoy New Zealand’s scenery, adventure, culture, and friendly people.

    You can also obtain Visitors Visa for other aspects that may apply. Talk to us to discuss how we can find the correct approach for you.

    With many years of experience, we assess your immigration situation, establish eligibility, gather information, identify barriers, evaluate options, give advice and then represent you throughout the immigration application process in a professional, ethical and responsible manner to ensure the best possible outcome.

    Visitors Visa Applications

    Let us help you with the criteria's and eligibility to obtain a Visitors Visa that applies during Covid-19 pandemic.

    Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa

    You can visit New Zealand to marry a New Zealand citizen or resident in a culturally arranged marriage, or live with them if you got married overseas.

    Partner Visitor Visa

    You can join your New Zealand citizen or resident partner and enjoy New Zealand’s scenery, culture, and friendly people.

    Specific Purpose

    You must be coming to New Zealand for an acceptable specific purpose or event to apply for a Specific Purpose Visitor Visa.

    Medical Visa

    You can visit New Zealand for medical treatment or consultation you’ve been accepted for. You must able to pay for your treatment, unless it’s funded under a special arrangement for citizens of South Pacific countries.

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